Individual Comparing and Contrasting Site Specific Performance

The first performance I’m going to be talking about was aperformance from last year’s Sight Specific performance which was done in ‘theSilver Mountain Experience’ just 15 minutes from Aberystwyth. I’ll call it ‘thegroup of miners’. The performance was based off the history of the place,specifically the mines. It was a small group of people gold panning; it’s atype of traditional gold mining using a pan which is one of the easiest ways toextract it. The piece included language used to give a sense of story-tellingas well as physical movement. It was real movement, not mimed, which gave itmore of a realistic layer. One person would leave every so often to re-fill thebucket with gravel and rocks for the other miner people to search through forgold.   

The second performance I’m going to be talking about was also a part of ‘the Silver Mountain Experience’.  I’ll call this‘The struggle of women miners’. This piece was was 2 girls representing workers, smashing rocks in order to find gold within them. This was split into 2 parts. One was all a physical piece with the no speaking, and miming of movements. It was still realistic as the females were still showing the physical exhaustion through their bodies and faces. They would still use slight sound as they would smash the ground with their fists to represent the workers‘crushing’ the rocks. The second part was all speaking, and it was informative as they were telling the audience information about the workers around the time of mining.Both these pieces compare with each other as they both include movement, language and informative detail, but they are both different in the ways of showing this. ‘The struggle of women miners’ was done split into 2 sections, the physical and the language, where as ‘the group of miners’ was a mixture of things. Both pieces were made to show the struggles of miners; ‘the struggle of women’ might have been mainly focused on just women,you still have ‘the group of miners’ showing the overall struggles for people in general.


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  1. solveigekberg says:

    Please, read through it again to correct small mistakes. Also, it was a lead and silver mine, not gold. The joke was that it was apparently so rich in silver it was considered its worth in gold but of course, it wasn’t a rich mine at all whatever they mined there.

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