Taking a nap on the beach

On March the 29th we took a trip down to the beach of Aberystwyth, specifically by the beacon. Lately we’ve all been doing so much which has worn us out, so our tutor, Solveig, decided we should take some time for ourselves and just relax on the beach. Some people fell asleep, including myself, which wasn’t a bad thing as we needed a re-charge of some sort. It took a while for my body to melt into the shape of the rocks as it wasn’t completely flat, it was a slant so I had to move them around a bit. When I finally settled, I felt extremely relaxed. With the sound of the birds, ocean waves, the heat of the sun on my skin I felt as if I was on holiday in Hawaii. For a while I convinced myself I was, and I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up, I felt so much better. I forgot where I was for a couple seconds and then gathered my surroundings. When looking out to the sea, I somehow forgot how gorgeous it is. The sun was reflecting on it, and it looked like flashing fairy lights or glitter.

We had to create something from resources off of the beach with a meaning behind it. I was in a group with Becca, Harriet and Tristan. We decided to make a mini forest with rubbish on the branches, to represent how us as humans are destroying natural habitats such. As a physical task, we made a little pile of pretty rocks for the audience to throw at our mini forest.



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  1. solveigekberg says:

    It was a lovely and well needed restful afternoon. The pictures will bring back memories and helps to ‘enrichen’ your blog. I really liked what you created out of what you found on the beach. Please, add your reflections and photos from your visit to Pontarfyrnach and also the words from your song Dacw Ngharad and the hymn. Stay up-to-date and if you have any ideas that’s come out of the visit, reply to me and discuss them. Nice blog.

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