Comparing and Contrasting Site Specific Performance

Gododdin by Brith Gododdin

The company Brith Gof was founded in the early 1980s by Mike Pearson and is Hughes Jones, who began as residents of a community club in Aberystwyth called ‘the Barn Centre’. They continued their work together and decided to move down to Cardiff but then later on in around 1987 they moved from Cardiff back to West Wales to continue work in the University of Lampeter. They did quite a bit of traveling. Whilst at the Barn Centre they met the artist Clifford McLucas who began to design elements for their performances. He eventually became a full time member of the artistic team and he and Mike Pearson became joint artistic directors of the company. Brith Gof’s work in the beginning was influenced by Welsh traditions such as music, song and poetry which developed into a performance of a mixture of speech and song with physical movements implemented. Unfortunately, the company was closed in 2004.

Of All The People In All The World by Stans Cafe

Based in Birmingham. Experimental theatre, installations and live art. Began 1991 by James Yarker and Graeme Rose “one of Britain’s major contemporary theatre exports” – Sian Prior, The Bulletin, Melbourne, 10 October 2006 “international reputation” – Terry Grimley, “Grains of truth from universal principles”, Birmingham Post, 13 December 2006. Performed at the Inner Temple, London in commemoration of the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire

Power Point Presentation

Reflection on Presentation

My strengths of the presentation today were the following; I used a lot of relevant information, I tried to make it a group discussion rather than just one person talking at a time when we were discussing the contrasts, we opened up a class conversation about whether ‘Of all the people in all the world’ by Stan’s Café was a sight specific performance or not, I made sure not to read off the screen as this would make the audience disconnect to what I’d be trying to put across. My weaknesses were the following; at times I’d stutter of loose track of what I was trying to say, I’d repeat things I’ve said previously, due to nervousness I would move slightly for example a few times I caught myself moving my leg without realizing. Improvements that could have been made are the following; we could have implemented the positives and negatives of each sight, but we still mentioned similar things. We could have had some help from certain member of our group as it was mostly myself, Becky and Becky that did the work. It made it a lot more stressful.


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