My Reflection of Gododdin by Briff God, and Anna Halprin’s Earth Dance.

When watching this piece, I didn’t know what to expect as I didn’t know anything about it. It’s about the survival of Celtic people who are under attack. The Gododdin is like a bolder, left after an ice age over time. It celebrates the Gododdin tribe who were sent to attack the ‘Angles’ which was the name for a part of Wales down South East. Music is used to create and build tension as people are passing each other barrels to symbolize the tribe working away getting ready to fight, loud bangs and trumpets crescendo throughout. A man called Maneirin escaped the battle and wrote ‘the Gododdin’. It’s the earliest piece of welsh poetry. Only junks of the poem have been translated and understood which leaves a mystery lingering over the rest. The poem its self doesn’t tell a story, it was impossible to follow in narrative in the poem. Its simply blocks of text which played an essential part within the performance. It’s about the experience of defeat and death in war. Also about the people’s experience of becoming devastated and concurred. They use a lot of music , and physical work to express what being part of the welsh culture was like. From what it looked like they were somewhere at night. It seemed to be a factory of some sort, perhaps a car factory as there were a few cars in the location. The performers were working with tons of sands, gallons of water, dozens of trees and scrapped cars.

Pictures from the Glasglow in in 1989

The Gododdin consisted of three complimenting performance layers. First, the physical performance: two female and four male actors depicting the Gododdin war band, and engaging with the constructed set-environment. The set for the Cardiff-shows, for instance, consisted of 600 tons of sand, 50 trees, 30 wrecked cars, and was flooded at some stage during the performance. Second, the musical performance layer, mainly provided by Test Dept. A mixture of intense industrial sound and harmonic classical passages, underlined at times by bagpipe playing. Third, the narration: Stanzas of Y Gododdin were sung and narrated, partly in Welsh, partly in English. The stratification into different layers allowed for a re-capture of the performance on record. Even without the physical performance context, music and narration alone are able to function as a self-contained work of art. (Source of information: )

My Reflection of Anna Halprin’s Earth Dance

In 1981, a paralyzing fear gripped the San Francisco Bay Area. Women hiking on Mt Tamalpais and other trails were being stalked and murdered. In response to the terror, Anna Halprin led a group of people to the mountain of reclaim it through a ritual of dance, music and prayer. Soon after the killer was captured. That first ceremony has involved into an annual community gathering for healing and peace that has spread around the world. They began to sing a song in a language which I didn’t recognize. There was harmonies which added to the atmosphere as in brings the feeling of community once again. People saying individual thoughts and opinions through prayers. Communities coming together is always something so special as it’s something you do with people who you’re close to. You all believe in something and coming together to celebrate change, love and health is therapeutic. You will further bond with those people as that experience is personal and special. To have others with you who have the same beliefs and passion for something you do will further motivate and inspire each other to make change. I think it’s so bad that killings are still happening in the world today. It’s awful and it shouldn’t be happening.

Just recently there have been 5 stabbings in London.
Jodie Chesney,one of the victims had a march dedicated to her and the rest of the victims of course.
Demonstrators chanted “no more knives” as they took to the east London town in memory of the 17-year-old who was fatally stabbed.
Balloons and banners in Miss Chesney’s favourite colour, purple, decorated the route for the protesters who were out in force to unite against the recent bloodshed on London’s streets. Speaking at the march on Thursday night, a friend of Jodie’s family said “This march shows the ripple effect that knife crime has. It touches all of our lives.” (Source of info )

If more people try and make a change in this world, there may be a chance of saving it before it’s too late.


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  1. solveigekberg says:

    Again beautifully presented. Final note is very poignant. I shall really enjoy reading your blog. Now, reflect on your site-specific solo and include your H&S risk assessment and any research done, plus the lyrics of your song and any filmed material.

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